Let's Collaborate!

Let’s Collaborate!

Every worthwhile project requires regular infusions of vision and energy. And sometimes, additional sparks are needed.

Some people have those sparks already built into their system. Others reach out at the outset of a project and engage help to collaborate or mentor the process. What works for you?

Here are some other indicators that it’s a good idea to call me in:

  • You’re wearing yourself out in overthinking, yet not making progress
  • You’re feeling frustrated by how much there is that’s unknown or confusing
  • You’ve got too many things going at once and don’t know how to put them in order

Times like these can be an indicator that a new surge of creativity is right around the bend, available to be downloaded. Having someone to help you architect your process and develop your outcome can be a wonderful solution.

Define, Develop, Deliver!

As a person who’s accomplished a lot, you’ve already scaled mountains to get where you are, and navigated plenty of doldrums and difficulties along the way. Looking back, you’ve cleared a successful trail to get here. And now, there’s a next destination on your path. Have you clearly identified it?

Most people I speak with know what they want to create. They often haven’t defined it clearly enough. So, the first ingredient in creating what they want is to give it more definition, getting really clear about what it is, who it’s for, etc. Clarity is power.

“I wanted to re-engage my book and practice. I knew that I needed help. The world had changed so that writing, publishing, marketing were different and better, but I was clueless. I believed in my model, but didn’t feel I had a leverage point to lift it up. I’m always confident that if I really want to learn something and create something, I can do it.  I just couldn’t do it alone and I was, I think, quietly looking for who that helper might be.  And along you came. Thank you for helping me fall back in love with my career!” ~ Neil Brown, LCSW.

People aren’t always clear about why they want to create it, either. They have their surface level reasons, but there are usually deeper layers that provide momentum and inspiration. It’s really important to uncover the layers. The deeper whys are critical!

And then there’s the how. Folks I talk with very often are frustrated about how to accomplish what they want.

“I wanted to thank you for being my angel in my time of need. You helped me manifest a job! Awesome, Amazing, Admired, Appreciated.” ~ S Ko

Any part of the process can stall it out. All of it is essential for a great outcome!

I’m here to help you with the next destination on your path.

Connect with me:

If you’d like to explore your situation with me, schedule a conversation. It’s a fantastic way to get clear.

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Here’s what we will do when we talk:

  • Explore your project
  • Discuss what’s possible
  • Discover the #1 thing stopping you
  • Identify the best actions to move you forward
  • Feel the excitement of knowing EXACTLY what to do next


A personal note from Robin:

“When I was involved day to day in our software development company, I found it greatly helpful to have a strategic collaborative mentor involved. He had a profound impact on our ability to stay the course, make excellent process and accomplish the seemingly impossible.” ~ Robin Holland

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