Spark Your Message, Expand Your Impact

Spark Your Message, Expand Your Impact

Robin HollandHi, I’m Robin!

I’m a communications and business development coach —  and I work with leaders and business owners to speak themselves into the world.

Nice to meet you!

So many of us deal with shyness or withholding some aspect of ourselves, protecting it, even judging it. This can lead to all kinds of mischief in life and in business. The mischief cuts us off from the people we’re working with and keeps us from fully experiencing our greatness. Finding our voice, sparking our message, and speaking ourselves into the world is the antidote to this —  a source of amazing personal joy and accomplishment.

Speaking ourselves into the world for many of us does not feel natural at first. We’ve learned, as kids, and from our cultural conditioning to present ourselves in a certain way for acceptance or social okayness. Often this way compresses and minimizes our voice or message and our ability to share it.

I’m here to support you in sharing and even magnifying the unique light and magic you bring into the world. Because without it, we’re all missing out 🙂

When our businesses and our work provide the platform that allows us to uniquely express ourselves without conformity – that’s a magic point of prosperity and joy!

If this is speaking to you, let’s talk.

You ask the right questions. I changed my whole way of thinking by being with you. The way I relate to my parents, my life, my work. The whole thing!” ~ Jeff, Insurance Broker

Learn more about me, check out my blog, learn more about how we can collaborate, or contact me to get started.

To your unlimited success,

– Robin Holland