Spark Your Message, Expand Your Impact

Spark Your Message, Expand Your Impact

Robin HollandHi, I’m Robin!

I’m a business coach who works with authors and business owners to develop their messaging platform to create or augment visibility, sales, and other goals.

Nice to meet you!

I call this work I do “sparking your message.” A light switch gets flicked when I connect with you, and you appreciate yourself and your work and purpose a lot more as we get moving with your content and what’s in your heart and soul to develop.

Of course, once your message gets sparked, then we can’t help but “expand your impact!”

This can include their website, book, speaking, use of traditional and modern media. Blogging, Podcasting, Facebook Live, Webinars, Programs, and so on.

I think of your message as the unique light or magic you bring into the world. I notice when we’re feeling stifled, stuck or bored, it’s often because our message has more to say to us – and to the world – than it has been allowed to, up until now.

Having your business be the platform that allows you to uniquely express yourself without conformity is where the money is.

If this is speaking to you, let’s talk.

I work with people who are ready to do business with their message.

You ask the right questions. I changed my whole way of thinking by being with you. The way I relate to my parents, my life, my work. The whole thing!” ~ Jeff, Insurance Broker

Learn more about me, check out my blog, learn more about how we can collaborate, or contact me to get started.

To your unlimited success,

– Robin Holland